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When creating the steps for a crop:

1) I'd like to be able to either move the tasks around, or add a new task in between two that I have.

2) "When to start" isn't intuitive. For example, the step "Plant" asks when to start. I assume this means Day 0. But then, I add the next step which is "Weighted Germination" and put in 3, as I thought it meant how long should the crop be in germination.

Possible solution:

When creating a crop, the program should ask the user to enter in the name of the crop, and the growing recipe associated with it. This includes the total grow time or days until harvest, the expected yield, seeding density, soaking hours, weighted germination (days), unweighted germination (days), daily water requirements (cups).

With that information, it should be able to automatically populate all the steps needed without manually editing them for each crop.

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